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We have to think about it.

If the hunted should perish, the hunter would, too.

Jurevis didn't want any breakfast.

What Vassos said bothered Geoffrey.

The earth is like a ball with a big magnet in it.

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What's your favorite thing about the Christmas season?


A man named Carlos came to a mountain village looking for that old man.

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I didn't sign anything.

I too have been to New York.

I can't sing.

Are you sure Margaret can do it by himself?

In a way, Susie seems like my mother.

Susan could lose everything.

I need a writing pad.

Anatoly has given Brandy several gifts in the past three weeks.

I have a date with him at six.

I'll buy him a beer.

People are getting scared.

The problem came about as time passed.

He held his breath.

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She lives near the edge of Wripple, so she drives in every day.


Don't blame the victim.

I'm not interested in your excuses.

Tricia and I are just students.

How long were you and Jesper together?

I thought you hated them.

The bridge must be built in six months.

Could you wrap this separately, please?

This isn't my umbrella; it's somebody else's.

We have to do whatever it takes to stop Josip.

I don't want Lois to get sick.

Penny wise, pound foolish.

You shouldn't have come back.

You are so wrong it hurts.

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I hardly remember Juergen.

What is it like?

I really can't comment on that right now.

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I will do my duty to the best of my ability.

Never tell lies.

I don't think, therefore I am not.

Our website is still under construction.

I don't ski, but I really like to skate.

Fay wants us to take the blame for this.

How many books do you think you've read so far?

Nonon likes science fiction.

I put one in the drawer.

You brought yours, didn't you?

He used the word half-a-dozen times in as many lines.

Have you forgotten your money?

Are you eating the cheesecake without me?

I'll give grandma a shirt for Christmas.

During the hot season, my son's skin breaks out easily.

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My whole body is sore.


You have to go back to Boston with us.

Again this year a lot of concerts are being given by amateur musicians.

My mother's sister's husband is my uncle.


His grand-mother knocked him down.

The baby weighed seven pounds at birth.

There is a border between America and Mexico.

Mother placed a large vase on the shelf.

When I got home, I was very tired.


By and large, this school is one of the best.


Here's your schedule for the day.

We're not entirely sure what the problem is.

You don't really understand, do you?


You really seem to like beer.

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The dusty track descends to a valley.

They're just like rats leaving a sinking ship.

This coin will bring you good luck.

I don't care whether Clark does that or not.

There are many apple trees in the garden.


We're talking about who we should appoint to that position.

I've never been asked for anything like this.

Neal was really tired. He turned off the light at nine and was fast asleep within minutes.

Can you look at me?

The most serious problem the world faces is not the strength of the wicked, but the powerlessness of the good.


She declared him to be dishonest.

We're heading back to town.

Do you intend to pursue your education?

I helped them.

They ironed out their differences.


Management has even cut back on toilet paper since the crisis.


The force of gravity between two objects is proportional to the product of the two masses, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between their centers of mass.

Herb said that it was a mistake and that he would not do it again.

He has made a promise to come again.

The new designs are much better than the old ones.

I happen to prefer champagne to ditchwater, but there is no reason to suppose that the cosmos does.

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Luckily, I got hold of a branch and was saved from falling.


Being honest, I'm not your father.

She was absent due to a cold.

Roland would rather stay.

Have you heard Drew speaking French?

Why did they dislike you?

The children from the village would often gather up on top of the hill and from there watched the trucks and automobiles going back and forth to the city.

Nobody's allowed to do that.


I think I can help you solve your problems.


Raja could understand what Shannon was trying to say.

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Dale thinks he knows the answer.

He saw a small Band-Aid on her left knee.

The number of visitors to Singapore has increased year by year.

I can't lend this book to you.

I feel homesick.

Greta is going to the embassy.

This chick is like a shrimp: I like everything about her but her head.


Do you want me to give Jean something?


He pays with a credit card.

You're original.

I don't know if that's it or not.

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Stop yelling at me.

Kaj has very white skin.

Ami gave it to Mah.

Your parents were very proud of you.

We appointed Mr Wood chairman.

He tied his son's shoe with a double knot and said, "There, that should do the trick."

Is this spider poisonous?

Has she come or what?

I complained to the manager.

It's easy for her to make friends.

This is beautiful, and that is also beautiful.

I think Gunter now understands.

Why wouldn't you let me go to Boston?

Three people can keep a secret so long as two of them are dead.

You're living in the past.


All the boys were looking at Wendy.

What would Suresh and Phiroze do?

Aliens had the power to avert war on Earth.


I'm good at many things.


Which one is your jacket?

She's so modest that she blindfolds herself when taking a bath.

What happened in the meeting?

I'll tell you what to say.

Kari has a TomTom.


We'll never find him.

Giles seems bright.

Lukewarm Calpis is sweet, but if you add some ice it becomes a bit sour.

Oskar left for Australia.

Your hands need to be washed.

Nobody can pay that.

Should I tell Wes you're coming?

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What is Srivatsan's real purpose?

The uprising was brutally suppressed.

I can't just leave him there.


Not a day passes without having an argument with him.

That's always a possibility.

I want you all to myself.

Water evaporates when it is heated.

He was laughed at by all the people present.


A camel is to the desert what a ship is to the sea.


Hamilton almost always has on sunglasses.

Quit teasing me.

Has Monica ever kissed you?

Leslie died from cancer in 2013.

You like beans.

Do you think that's going to help?

This desk has lost one of its legs.


He told me not to tell lies.

Try these on.

She demanded to see the manager.

Not everyone has as much money as you.

Happy are those who know the value of health.


Rain or shine, the athletic meet will be held.

I'd rather peel potatoes with a potato peeler than with an ordinary knife.

I liked doing it.