Can't you and Spass stay a little longer?


I'll show you around.


You agree with Shaw, right?

It's all custom made.

Sergei is also from Boston.

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He often skips meetings.

Manjeri looked hot and tired as he crossed the finish line.

I can understand Archie's frustration.


The commentator began yelling when the referee gave the defender a second yellow card.

You two were always so cute together.

He said the president's speech was perfect.

Is there somebody you want to see?

Amarth left his laptop at home.


Everybody just stared at him.

I thought you'd want Hugh to stay with you for a while.

We can get one for you.

It is already eleven.

Werner wants me to take a picture of his new car.

Many people also considered him a madman.

She pretended not to hear him.

Ask Andreas not to go there.

I know you don't have time to help us.

Don't say his name.

Novorolsky doesn't work here.


One euro is one-point-five dollars.

Just let me get my thoughts in order.

They tied the thief to the tree.

It'll make sense when you're older.

I only buy soft toilet paper.

You smashed it.

I know that look.

Except for Taro, Jiro is the tallest.

Starting next week, we'll be using a new textbook.

Let her know where I am.

Finish cleaning the windows.

I'm not sure about it.

Without the error, our team could have won the game.

Alain wore her favorite necklace.

We're on our way.


I never realized you were interested in Japanese art.

Neville was all by himself.

Next spring I want to go to Hawaii.

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They consider themselves our equals.

I've just finished dinner.

It's too early for lunch.

I don't think we should go outside in this storm.

I think it might rain this afternoon.

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Julian is paralyzed.

I hope you got that.

We have three security guards who take shifts.

Some books, if read carelessly, will do more harm than good.

There's one problem.

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There's something I need to show you.

Casper accused Jennifer of drinking like a fish.

Jesse said that's very uncommon.

Helen gave me permission to go.

She didn't have much money.


I bet you're a great teacher.


Hi, my name is Mike.

Anger does not befit a philosopher.

We sat in complete silence.

Each player on the team has his own bat.

If you can read this sentence, then you're able to read.

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Jiri regrets skipping school.


Please do your model building at home! The room's full of the smell of lacquer.


She showed hardly any interest in the photos.


Earnie had nothing more to add.

In her book, "In the Land of Invented Languages," Arika Okrent speaks favourably about Esperanto.

The crime was premeditated.

I couldn't for the most part make out what she said.

Neither a wise man or a brave man lies down on the tracks of history to wait for the train of the future to run over him.

This place is dangerous.

Can we do anything to help him?

A convict has escaped from prison.

The children played blind man's buff.

I never see you without thinking of my younger brother.

How lucky can one guy be?


You have to fill out an application for admission to the hospital at the front desk.

What was your question?

Who gave Thierry all that money?


Science is fun.

Do you have all the information you need?

Liza filed her nails.

Their job is to dust the furniture.

Raman is warm and generous.

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I didn't figure Petr would come.


Suresh didn't even have time to eat a quick lunch.

It is hardly conceivable to me that he will fail.

We think it was Sanjib.


Pravin is still going through the files, looking for the information you asked for.

The Waterfront's success could mean that other cities soon follow, creating areas that offer people a new kind of city living, with all the benefits and none of the stress, noise and pollution of crowded centres.

We were way too lenient on Tracy.

We let the bird fly.

The face of Christmas glows all the brighter for the cold.

My oldest brother lives in a small village.

A website for learning different languages, tatoeba.org has a rich repository of sentence examples.

A lack of exercise is bad for your health.

They know many things.

She writhes like a worm.

She doesn't need to work.

I've never been better.

You have a lot to learn about women.

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He is younger than me by three years.

Are we still on for tomorrow night?

How long has Barney been up there?

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Corey said terrible things about Donn.

What do you think is going on?

Sanche is very pretty, isn't she?


His weak spell a little while ago was probably caused by that cold he's neglecting.

How long have you been in this country?

Judy is in Boston until tomorrow.

There was an alarm clock in Dan's room.

Summer begins early in my country.

Dannie typed in the password.

We'll always do whatever you say.

I can't think about Yvonne now.

I cannot praise you enough.

I made an ass of him.

A good way to boost reading and listening skills in a target language is to read or listen to the news.

All that effort - and nothing to show for it. How very depressing.

I cannot fold this big carpet by myself.

English is a global language.

We have little chance of winning.

Shut it off.

I gave one.

Heidi saw a notice on a lamp post offering a reward for the return of a lost dog that answers to the name of Steven.

Yes, I'll have sherry.


You might get shot.

We'll work together.

Her hair fell over her shoulder.

The text isn't divided too well.

I have hiccups.

What I'm about to say is strictly between you and me.

Rod promised not to say anything.

Wait a little longer.

Really? I didn't know she was your sister.

He told me how he had once been a rich man.

Sandy is a suspect in a homicide investigation.

I don't think that would be wise.

Is it a chair?

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Maurice always had a back up plan.

Say hello to them for me.

Did you buy anything for them?

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While I was speaking, he said nothing.


Esperanto is an international and easy language!

It's Kyle's turn to take out the garbage.

People love to talk - talk - talk.

I think it's no big deal.

Herbert is a lot older than Melinda is.

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The problem is being discussed by them.


I went to the grocery store.


Young Cubans watch a lot of American TV.

Open the window, will you?

Can anyone tell me the time?

All you do is criticize others.

If a brain can do it, a computer can do it.

Is all this necessary?

It was so terribly hot inside that that woman wore scarcely any clothes.


Was it worth anything?


My mother bought my little brother a yellow umbrella.

When was the last time you gave birth?

Whom are you speaking of?

We're doing fine.

I heard the news that there had been a big earthquake in Awaji.

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I understand what you say.