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In a crisis, you must get in touch with your teacher.


He had no idea what to expect.

Casey scarfed down the ham sandwich that Tuan had made for him.

You don't give orders here.

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I will do it on condition that I am paid.


He expressed regret over the affair.

Christie is happiest when he is with Jack.

Did Bryce really come back?


No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.

He remained a bachelor all his life.

Come along, children.


If I could send you a marshmallow, Trang, I would.

They were after Bill.

Please give me some latitude this time.


The siblings are fighting tooth and nail over the estate their father left them in his will.

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Happiness is sometimes identified with money.

He went out of his way to make sure that we had everything we needed.

Where's Moe playing?


Is anyone else thirsty?

The dog barked at her.

He never tells a lie.


It was a quiet winter evening.


Enjoy the little things!

Wolf seems to be looking for someone.

Can you spin a basketball on your fingertip?

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Anatoly and I have an understanding.

Nouns in Latin have five declensions.

These were Stalin's words to the Soviet partisans.

Jesper found Ritchey fun to talk to.

Who should I bring?

What was your motive?

The Tanakas are visiting us this afternoon.

His son is ill.

She has never visited him.

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I didn't feel like buying a car.

We must develop renewable energy sources.

The shop was busy.


I love to party.

Where did you worship them?

I can't keep up with Hans.


After three hours, Elizabeth and I ran out of things to talk about.

This job will provide you with valuable experience.

It's very easy to sound natural in your own native language, and very easy to sound unnatural in your non-native language.

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Time must take its course.

We have just a few more questions.

I can't believe you just let Sabrina go.


You've been at this for hours.

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Ron, there's something you need to know.

I'm not going kiss you if you don't want me to.

Who's that cute girl I saw you with at the mall?

I wonder why he was suddenly dropped from the team half way through.

You should study harder.

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He heard his name called from behind.

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I can't believe I've wasted my time with you.


"One way or round trip?" "Um... let me think. Round trip."

I think you're bluffing.

Death is only a horizon. And a horizon is just the edge of our field of view.

As children are known to emulate the values of adults, it is often pointed out such "education mamas" instill a warped sense of values in their children.

The olives are harvested in autumn.

Do you see those women?

Please help me prepare the food.

Andrea is heating up a burrito in the microwave.

There was a problem at school.

The statement imported that changes were necessary.

Milner comes from a very small town.

The road runs parallel with the river.

Good dog!

She can understand everything I'm saying.

Nouns, adjectives, pronouns and participles are said to be declined, while verbs are said to be conjugated.


My knowledge of French is still very limited, but I'm keen to learn.


If you behave like a flunkey, you're treated like a flunkey.

It was too much for them.

Could I borrow your notes?

I've got my own place.

If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.

Do you think that bothered her?

Bill did nothing else but joke.

Dan took a picture of the license plate.

I want one, but not this one.

World War II ended and the Olympics were revived in 1948 in London, but the losing countries of the war, Germany and Japan, were not invited.

Neil asked Micheal who she thought would be the most likely to win the race.

Open your eyes, people!

Ask them not to go there.


She's being serious.

Like it or not we're in this together. All we can do is work closely as though we were joined at the hip.

The unstoppable march of time continues.


Jefferson believed the nation was in good hands.

Today is the second day of the month.

I'm the one who killed her.

He hates opera.

Nathan bought a bar of chocolate.


How do you learn Esperanto?

Pierre spent a lot of time trying to learn how to play the French horn.

We're going downtown.

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Raymond can't find his hat.

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There, in front of him, in a box sat a beautiful woman. Around her neck she wore a long gold chain, from which hung a large medallion.

I'm looking at that flower.

We can't have you working for us.

I need some paper with letterhead to send the quote to the new client.

Possibly she will not come.


What will I do when I have learned to speak Quechua?

Halfway back from school I played with a girl who was walking her dog.

Did you get everything ready for tomorrow?


If you see, let me know.

If you do that to me, I will cut your throat.

According to a recent study, the average life span of the Japanese is still increasing.

You need this more than I do.

Just kidding.

Jean-Christophe doesn't need to say anything.

The trees were very scarce.

Around the corner, was a field full of golden stalks of wheat.

There isn't any problem at all.

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Root looked both ways before he crossed the busy street.

She can't stop me.

Jochen really fooled Penny.


Nobody knows what will happen next.

Raif didn't want Teruyuki to get hurt.

It's unlikely that he did his homework himself.

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Who was Queen Elizabeth?

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We received a warm welcome.

We cannot do without water.

She is seeking my advice.

You're asking me to do something I don't want to do.

Isn't that crazy?

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An accident often comes of carelessness.

You aren't finished.

All beginnings are difficult.


It's not too much to ask of you, to clean your own shoes, Pradeep.


Everybody knew that.


Tovah and John are identical twins.

They're lying on the table.

I think I'll go ahead and cancel our reservation.

The policeman discovered counterevidence.

Wherever you say, Sabrina.

Whose lunch box is this?

What kind of question is that, Carole?

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Mr. Mitchel demanded that I pay the rest of the money by the end of the week.


Derek rarely smiles.


Who'd buy one of those?


Raif and I are going swimming.

I do believe you.

Wilmer doesn't want you here.


Hsuan only accepted partial responsibility.

His misspelling of that word eliminated him from the contest.

The police can't find them.


Guys, what are you talking about? Are you gonna steal my date!?


Why did the alarm go off?

I'll be done by 2:30.

Fire on my command.


What are they checking for?

Half of my class like dogs.

Does she like orange?

I wish I'd never told Peter that I loved him.

A big earthquake occurred in India yesterday.