Patricio works for short spells now and then.

The Anglican Church isn't a fully Protestant Church.

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I can hear the loud sound of rain. So it must be raining heavily.

The pen I lost yesterday was a new one.

There are two things you never turn down: sex and appearing on television.

I like to read about science.

He has a gun.

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Are you familiar with this?

The woodcutter fells a tree with an ax.

I say the same thing over and over.

Klaus is Granville's stepfather.

I always thought that Gary would become a teacher.

Love must have wings to fly away from love, and to fly back again.

Which town is this?

You seem to want to know what to do.

She succeeded in the work.


That guy has a lot of nerve.

He left soon after our arrival.

This is not Hebrew. It's Yiddish.


Stacey isn't making much sense.

Rusty wanted Mac to ask John if he was planning to go to Boston with them.

How great Getter Jaani is!

Vegetables and fruits are an important part of a healthy diet.

More and more women have their own careers and are economically independent of their husbands.

I'll see if I can't help out.

I'm going to tell Pim exactly what I saw.


He attained his goal.

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This room doesn't get much sunshine.

They began this year.

Well, I watch television.

Real men drink tea.

I do think that Nguyen is dangerous.


Animals have no reason.

The pier took a real beating from the hurricane.

This sofa is in no way comfortable to sit in.


Chairs and tables were damaged.

May I ask you to close the window?

Didn't you have a date tonight?


Stephanie was discharged from the army for conduct unbecoming an officer.

I never imagined we'd end up like this.

I just wanted to keep things simple.

You're very fortunate to have such a good job.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.


Are you a teacher?

I don't remember your name.

I hate celery!


You had better get away from here at once.

Would you like a nice big piece of apple pie?

Have you ever visited Kyoto before?

Let's meet in front of the station.

We're frightened.

I'm perfectly happy here.

Do you think we should abandon ship?


Nils couldn't believe what was happening.

I'll stay there till six o'clock.

Write your name at the bottom of the paper.


I thought a game of tennis might be fun.

Hirotoshi didn't move an inch.

Do you have a blog?

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I'll mention it to her.

I'm trying to find a green sweater in extra large.

He took advantage of her kindness.

I went back to my hometown for the first time in ten years.

I hate cooking, and you?

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The next morning, he vanished without any explanation.

You don't agree, do you?

The jet landed at Tokyo.

He is always seeking for fame and wealth.

I can't believe you did all this without any help.

I'm worried about your health.

Riding a horse is really thrilling.


It might be a wedding.

When was the last time you cried?

How can people be so blind?


The police will reveal the truth of the case.

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Southern newspapers attacked Lincoln.

I work in a special unit.

The success animated him with hope.

Who volunteered?

Lana is one of my assistants.

What causes this?

Tell Leith I'm coming right over.

We're glad you're back.

Sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!


It took the doctor eight hours to do the operation.

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After getting downsized he started off on a clean slate and started a business working out of a home office.

I think I need a rest.

Please freeze the fish and meat.

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They were young and foolish.


They need a raise.


How often does Noam do that?


Manny has never eaten horse meat carpaccio.


We are tired of being treated like children.

Wait till the rain stops.

Franklin is terribly funny.

He is too busy dreaming dreams to plan what he will do in his old age.

My menstrual cycle is about every four weeks.


Mr. John's older than I thought.


Mr Baker is not so much a scholar as a writer.

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People liked him all the better for his faults.


Can people really be as silly as to believe that the whole population of Georgia, which speaks a Caucasian language with no common sound or common letter with English, can suddenly be fluent in English within two years ?

And then he met a girl who changed his life forever.

Are you online?


If you find a bad wife and get married to her, then it will certainly be difficult to be happy later.

To do him justice, he is not so lazy.

Language reflects daily experience.

I'm not really busy.

They're not excited.


Tell Siping I can't marry him.

She behaved quite abominably.

Bush doesn't approve the use of torture.

I don't know where I am.

Get the captain.

Is this Jupiter or a bull?

One hundred dollars is just chicken feed.

Don't be overconfident.

You will do what is required of you.

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How old is your grandfather?

You may remain anonymous.

I was walking to the station then.

One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

They may leave tomorrow.

My father fixed the broken chair.

Mayo came to save me.

My dad is stronger than your dad.

Can you come closer?

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I've never been able to handle responsibility.

I will explain the problem to you later.

I really appreciate the help you've given me over the years.

She couldn't put up with his rudeness any more.

We're diplomatic.


Marian finished the dishes.

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Be polite, but firm.

I think you're the person who caused this to happen.

I don't have time to be bothered by such small things.


He didn't want me to comfort him.


When he goes out, he asks me to keep an eye on his house.


This is the letter sent from Hong Kong by air mail.


Even for quarrels, a common language is needed.


I didn't get anything for Major.

We'll help you look for them.

Pierce is lying on a large rock.

Can someone explain how this always happens?

I'm pooped.

Louise was dancing by himself on the back porch.

Is there a marina nearby?

You're the only one I know who likes Ann.

I don't think that was your fault.

Next week, he is going to New York on business.

If for some reason a man stopped thinking, that man would no longer be a man.

This material isn't suited towards making western clothing.

Samuel and Shirley are about to get married.

He is rich and, moreover, well-born.

What'll we do next?


I spoke to the boy who seemed to be the oldest.

What good would that do?

I wanted Tor to stay.

Does anyone here remember how to do this?

You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.